Why you Should NOT Clean Jewelry at Home

Today, I’m going over how to clean your bling or jewelry and five reasons as to why should not do it yourself.

Some Chemical are Corrosive to your Jewelry

There are so many different products online nowadays.  it’s basically a very low price and expensive that you buy online will be shipped to you the next day. These products are stating that it will basically be able to clean your jewelry. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these cleaning products can always work well.

I actually have a good friend that I sold some jewelry, an engagement ring to.  He spent quite a bit of money on it, as it was a diamond ring made of platinum. In less than a month, he texted me to ask if it’s a platinum ring? The platinum ring shouldn’t be turning yellow, right? The answer is it should definitely not be turning yellow for so much money spending. I have no clue what happened there.

The platinum rings should not turn yellow so I had to ask him a couple of follow up questions to see if there was something that he might have possibly done wrong. He finally came to the conclusion that he
bought one of these do-it-yourself types of cleaning packages.  Basically what was shipped to him was some kind of chemical where he actually puts the ring into a sink that once he actually cleans the ring.

What ended up happening was that it was extremely corrosive. It started eating through the metal and then it made it yellow and damaged. What he had to replace was very very pricey.

The do-it-yourself types of at home cleaning kits may be very corrosive to your piece of jewelry,  so definitely read the box. Just read more about it as well as some reviews and make sure that if you are going to do it,  you’re doing your research okay,  otherwise take it to a professional for better and safer cleaning.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Might Shake up Gemstones

If you’ve ever taken a piece of jewelry to a professional or if you read anything online about an ultrasonic cleaner,  yes it definitely works. However, an ultrasonic cleaner actually sends sound waves through liquids which can shake up your jewelry a bit. Eventually, any kind of dust dirt particles and those type of things will be removed from your jewelry. It may also shake up the stones, e.g diamond, the center stone in the piece of jewelry.

Therefore, when you do take it, you had better take your jewelry to a professional jeweler.  Typically, what they’ll do after they clean your jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner is that they’ll make sure that these films are still intact. If it’s not or if it’s loose, they’ll tighten it right as opposed to doing yourself at home.


As you can see, jewelry cleaning have to proceed with caution, especially if your jewelry pieces are expensive. Taking luxury jewelry to a professional jeweler is actually a good option. However, if you have a large amount of cheap costume jewelry, some homemade jewelry cleaning solution and portable home used ultrasonic cleaner can save you much cost and cleaning effort. Just make a smart decision according to your own situation.

Top 10 Facts for Trencavel

Fact 1 – The Trencavel was an important noble family in Languedoc during the 10th through 13th centuries.

Fact 2 – The name Trencavel, originally a nickname and later a family name, may derive from the Occitan words for Nutcracker (trenca avelana)

Fact 3 – The name was traditionally restricted in actual use only to those family members named Raymond, but the last Trencavel viscount, Raymond II, preferred the surname over his given name and adopted it for this charters.

Fact 4 – The first well-known member of the family was Ato I, Viscount of Albi in the early 10th century.

Fact 5 – He was followed by five generations of viscounts of Albi in direct father-to-son descent.

Fact 6 – During this same period, the family came to dominate the episcopacy of Languedoc.

Fact 7 – He thus held all the lands of the counts of Carcassonne, but never assumed the comital title.

Fact 8 – Bernard Ato was formally proclaimed viscount after the death of his mother in 1101.

Fact 9 – In 1132, Roger and Raymond agreed that in the event of Roger’s death without heirs, Carcassonne would pass to Raymond.

Fact 10 – After a series of disputes, the viscounty of Agde was divided between Raymond and Bernard Ato, with the latter holding the title.

trencavel facts