Top 10 Facts for Trencavel

Fact 1 – The Trencavel was an important noble family in Languedoc during the 10th through 13th centuries.

Fact 2 – The name Trencavel, originally a nickname and later a family name, may derive from the Occitan words for Nutcracker (trenca avelana)

Fact 3 – The name was traditionally restricted in actual use only to those family members named Raymond, but the last Trencavel viscount, Raymond II, preferred the surname over his given name and adopted it for this charters.

Fact 4 – The first well-known member of the family was Ato I, Viscount of Albi in the early 10th century.

Fact 5 – He was followed by five generations of viscounts of Albi in direct father-to-son descent.

Fact 6 – During this same period, the family came to dominate the episcopacy of Languedoc.

Fact 7 – He thus held all the lands of the counts of Carcassonne, but never assumed the comital title.

Fact 8 – Bernard Ato was formally proclaimed viscount after the death of his mother in 1101.

Fact 9 – In 1132, Roger and Raymond agreed that in the event of Roger’s death without heirs, Carcassonne would pass to Raymond.

Fact 10 – After a series of disputes, the viscounty of Agde was divided between Raymond and Bernard Ato, with the latter holding the title.

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