How’s it going guys, welcome back to another GTA 5 hacking guide. I’m sure a lot of you guys are aware last week. I put together a few articles showing you guys the top three best ways to make money in GTA 5 online. There was at least one method that all of you guys could grind out and make a ton of money in no time.

Today, I am going to put together somewhat of an updated version of the previous methods, seeing that so many of you guys did enjoy it.

I am coming in for the very first money-making method and that’s how to beat this week’s brand new time trial which of course can earn all of you guys a very nice 100 000. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

You really have nothing to lose by going ahead and giving it a go. However, coming in for the second-best money-making method and that is by grinding out deadline which rockstar games are currently working online.

If you guys have never played deadline before, it’s a very very easy game mode to understand you’re basically on a shattered motorbike you leave a trail right behind you which you guys have to use to destroy the other enemies and of course, the last man standard of the most lives is the person who ends up winning around. I will say because this is offering triple money and triple RP

There is no specific way of grinding it out. You’re best off just jumping in games and setting them to 15 minutes so you guys can get the max payouts and just try to win the rounds back to back as by doing so you guys will be unlocking a winners round bonus which I know a few people have been confused about why they’ve received bigger payouts on certain games rather than other games.

That’s just basically because you guys were able to win around back to back which does give you guys a very nice 26k bonus every single time. Like I said if you guys are gonna grind out the deadline adversary mode just go ahead and set it on 15 minutes and all of you guys should be making a ton of money in no time.

If you guys don’t have that many friends that do play GTA 5 online, you are looking for some players to grind out this adversary mode with just simply leave a comment down below with your PSN or your Xbox gamer tag and just say looking for players to grind method two and I’m pretty sure all of you guys will get a ton of replies in no time the third-best money making method that all of you guys should be grinding out and that is by making the most out of double money and double RP on all of the stunt races.

so I thought I’d go ahead and quickly break down how you guys can make the most amount of money from these races whether you’re doing them solo or with friends as I did mention first I’m going to cover how you guys can grind this method if you guys do want to play solo and like I did mention later in the video I will compare if you guys have got some friends with you showing the difference and payout that you guys will actually make like I said there can be a lot of benefits to doing this solo because you’re always going to be getting the same consistent payout

it’s not going to drop and there are no risks of you like finishing third fourth or last plus you could consider it as an AFK method so it’s like stress-free very easy now if you guys are going to do the solo route to grind this method what you actually want to do is be in a free roam session you want to press start go down to playlists and you want to add as many of these races that you want to do when you’re grinding this method out so this is completely up to you depending on how long you guys are actually going to spend on the game

However, once you save the playlist simply go up to my playlist and go ahead and launch it as you guys can see I called mine solo money nonetheless once you guys start the playlist up the first the most important part you guys want to remember is to never finish these races under four minutes that is the most important benchmark to do with these races and how the payouts were so as you guys can see on screen I managed to finish this rocket baltic race in just under four minutes and I only received a measly 5k which is not good at all however if you guys pay attention to the clock in the bottom right

I mean literally just sitting in this mission for an extra 18 seconds so it passes the four-minute mark my money will literally double-taking it well over 10k for only four minutes work which is extremely good now an important point to remember is each lap one is literally around three and a half minutes so a lot of times you guys will finish these races just under the four-minute mark so you actually want to pay attention to the clock in the bottom right as I think we can all agree being able to double your money by only spending an extra 10-15 seconds in admission is insane and you guys will be able to increase that more by spending a further two minutes in a race

so by finishing the race in just over six minutes your payout will increase by 10k to just under 14k so about 13 and a half k and a very nice 3600 rp however to earn the max payout from doing this solar method you guys will have to spend a further minute and a half in the race so it passes the eight-minute mark and that will increase yet again it’s just under 17 000

However, the rp will remain the same around 3 600 and that is 100 the new cap on all of these races i know a lot of people have been putting out false information saying spend up to 16 minutes and races to earn the max payout that is no longer the case these people do not spend their time testing out these methods for you guys like i do so as you guys can see on screen 16 minutes passes in the race and i still receive the same 16 000 the only other way to increase this is with players in your mission eight minutes is the time cap to earn the max payout for all of these races that is another important thing all of these races work the same I’ve also seen people putting that information saying always do this race because it pays more than the rocket baltic all of that is also bullshit the only determining factors are the players and the time spent in the mission so now you guys know that eight minutes is the time cap you guys saw that you earned about seventeen thousand dollars for spending eight minutes in the mission however if you guys can remember by spending only four minutes in the race we managed to get a very nice ten thousand dollars so if i was to do this race five times in four minutes i would get fifty thousand dollars which would only take me about 20 minutes because i’m only spending four minutes on each lap whereas if i was to wait a full eight minutes every time

I’d be earning around 41k so i’m making 10000 less every couple races if i was to do the more longer method so you guys like i said can work out what suits you guys best whether you just want to keep on repeating every four minutes to earn the higher payouts or like i said sit afk maybe if you guys just want to watch on my youtube videos or go for your dinner you’ll be able to play this game based around you now as i did mention there is another multiplayer or another factor that rockstar do take into account when calculating your payout and that is basically the amount of players that are in your race at any given time now i am aware that we all play gta 5 different we all have different amount of friends we can get online and we all even have a different skill ability when it comes to racing some of you guys might be 10 out of 10 beasts but you don’t have that many friends some of you guys might play with a shit ton of players but you’re not that good at racing but i do know one thing is that we all have at least.


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