Have Unlimited Money in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

There are no easy cash cheats in GTA V, but with the right strategy, you can make more money than you can spend. While there are a few glitches to exploit for unlimited money, you need the version that has not yet been patched in order to take advantage of them. In addition, they are probably slower than making money with the stock market built into the game anyway.

Making a profit in the stock market with liquidations

1 Understand the concept.

All liquidation missions are completed by Franklin and are given to him by Lester. Because your targets are companies or their competitors, stock prices rise and fall dramatically through your liquidations. You can use this to your advantage.
Never complete the next mission in the sequence until all your stock shenanigans are ready.

2. Do the ‘Hotel Assassination’ but avoid the rest for now.

The Hotel Assassination is part of the story mode, so it usually needs to be completed before you have a lot of money to invest. Keep the rest of the liquidation missions until you get more money from the story mode.

While the profit you make won’t make much of a difference in the long run, you can take this opportunity to practice the technique.

Save the game (just in case) and then invest all your money in Beta Pharmaceuticals on BAWSAQ.
Complete the mission and sell the Beta stock immediately afterward.
Wait three days in the game, then buy Bilkington on LCN. (You can make time pass faster by sleeping in your house.
Wait at least a week and then sell Pilkington.

3. Complete the story mode

It takes money to make money in the stock market. Complete Story Mode to earn nearly $ 25 million per character, then follow the steps below to turn that meager amount into tons of money.

4. Do the ‘Multi-Target Assassination’

Now that you have a lot of money to spend, you can invest this money in the ever-growing mountains of money. This does not go on indefinitely, but in GTA V, you don’t get any closer than with this method. Here is the strategy for this next liquidation mission:

Buy Debonaire shares on LCN.
Complete the mission, sell Debonaire, and buy Redwood on LCN.
Wait two days in the game and then sell Redwood.

5. Sell ​​Fruit after the Bus Assassination.

This mission is simple: buy shares of Fruit on the BAWSAQ exchange, liquidate the target and immediately afterward sell shares of Fruit. You can make some extra money if you invest in Façade afterward, but this can take quite some time and require you to obsessively watch the stock market while waiting for Façade’s value to rise again. Sell ​​Façade for a price that is about 30% higher than the price you initially paid for it.

6. Complete the fourth liquidation and then invest in Vapid.

The ‘Bus Assassination’ does not earn you any profit until you complete it. Buy shares of Vapid on BAWSAQ immediately after you finish, then wait 2 days before selling them again.

7. Invest in GoldCoast to boost your fortune one last time.

Your fortune should now be in the billions. Invest it all in GoldCoast before completing the fifth and final liquidation. Sell ​​all your shares immediately afterward to get a final profit of 80%.

8. Keep manipulating the stock market (optional).

You are done with the simple instructions at this point. Now that you have the fortune to do whatever you want, trading stocks in the stock market can be a source of infinite wealth – or devastating disaster if you are careless. Always save before making a big investment and follow these tricks:

Buy a large quantity of the same shares and then save immediately. Stay on the purchase stock page to keep the price updated. Sell ​​all your shares if the price rises even slightly, save and repeat the procedure. Reload the game if the price plummets.

Get tips over the radio in-game for the stock sale, or by investing in Tinkle, and using Michael to pick up a passenger at Hitch Lift 1.

Trade stock selling tips with other players on sites such as / r / GTAMArket and / r / GTAVstocks .

Part 2. Getting infinite money in non-patched versions

  1. Remove patches if you dare.

These exploits of the game were discovered by the game developers and will no longer work once you have installed all the patches. You can remove the patches and regain access to the exploits, but this sometimes erases your saved files in GTA V and other games’.

If you dare to run this risk, you can try the following methods:

Xbox 360: Turn off the internet connection. Turn off the console, then turn it back on while holding down A.
Jailbroken PS3s, JTAG Xbox consoles, and consoles that have never been connected to the internet should be able to take advantage of these exploits without deleting files.

All other systems: you cannot remove the patch without deleting the entire game (including your saved files), then restarting and then only playing when the internet connection is turned off.

2. Switch between two characters and collect an infinite amount of money.

Once you get back to the original version of the game, you can collect packs of money that reappear over and over again. Place a character in one of the locations listed below and take the money. Go from the first character to the second character and then back to the first and the money will have reappeared. You cannot save while performing this method as you will be transported back to the house. Here are three sunken treasures that work with this exploit:

The parcel to the right of the sunken plane in Paleto Bay.
Two packages in the Pacific, one on top of a tall mast.

3. Sell ​​unlimited motorcycles.

This is another exploit that only works on versions of the game that have not been patched and also requires two characters. Buy the bike Bati801, pause the game, go to Options and set your Spawn Location to “Last Location”. Sell ​​the Bati, pause immediately, and then go to Options → Swap Characters. Select the same character you were just using, and another Bati should appear that you can sell in the same way.
You can optimize the Bati to make more money, but just in case, don’t forget to save before spending all your money.

Tips – Save before trying these methods, just in case something goes wrong.

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